When Should You See a Counsellor for Anxiety or Depression?


Everyone gets anxiety at one time or another; a big test or meeting the future in-laws will no doubt make anyone nervous. It's also not unusual to get depressed when someone you know passes away or when you lose a job. While these feelings are normal for most people, they can also sometimes spiral out of control, even leading to thoughts of self-harm or suicide. How, then, do you know when it's time to see a counsellor for your depression or anxiety, rather than assuming those feelings are normal or that they'll simply pass?

10 July 2017

How Can Counselling Help You Deal with Relationship Problems?


By the time a lot of couples consider visiting a counsellor, they are already on the brink of ending their relationship. There are a number of pressures which can have an adverse impact on a relationship, making it difficult for you and your partner to communicate. Counselling can help to break down these barriers to communication so you can identify and deal with things which are causing an issue in your relationship.

19 June 2017

Tips for Getting Through Infidelity in Your Marriage


Infidelity is considered the ultimate betrayal in most relationships. Though it ranks right up there with the most hurtful things you can do to your partner, many couples are willing to work their way back to a healthy relationship. However, you shouldn't assume that your relationship will be free of problems now. Once a spouse has been cheated on, the relationship has been compromised, and there will be scars to show for it.

30 May 2017