Tips for Managing Your Anxiety on a Daily Basis


With anxiety disorders being one of the commonest mental health conditions in Australia, millions of people struggle to find ways to manage it each day. While anxiety can feel overwhelming, there are techniques you can try each day to reduce its effects. Alongside seeing a psychologist, here are some techniques for you to try.

Remain Present

Anxiety can force you to worry about the future, and in some cases, it may make you ruminate about the past. However, the past can't be changed and there are many aspects of the future that are outside of your control. You may find it useful to remain in the present. One way of doing so is to ask yourself what it is that you enjoy about the present moment. You can also try creating a gratitude list. If you're feeling as though you have a lack of control over your life, consider what you can do in the present moment to effect change. 

Praise Yourself

Many aspects of your anxiety can stem from self-doubt. Unfortunately, seeking external validation isn't the best way to boost your self-confidence. And when you do feel more confident, you're less likely to have anxious thoughts. Try reminding yourself that you're a capable person and focus on what you have achieved. For example, you can look at how you've been kind to others, or even how you've managed to maintain the simple tasks that make life manageable each day. You might find it useful to create a list of the small achievements you've made each day and keep a diary of them. 

Limit Worrying

Although it may seem as though the last thing you want to do is worry, worries are unavoidable. Dedicate some time to worry freely each day. Set a timer and spend some time exploring your worries. During this process, you may want to challenge your thoughts a little. For example, if one of your biggest worries is that you'll lose your job, consider whether there's any truth in what you're thinking. Or, you can directly address what the worst possible outcome of a scenario could be and arrive at a point of acceptance. While that thought may seem daunting, acceptance can go a long way toward lessening your anxiety.

While all of these techniques can prove useful, you'll see the best results when you have advice that's unique to your situation. As such, it's worth speaking with a psychologist to see what they feel will work for you. 

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26 September 2022

Dealing with Difficult Feelings

Hello, my name is Gary and this is my counselling blog. When I was a boy, my dad was very strict with me. Whenever I got upset, he would tell me not to worry and to keep a stiff upper lip. Any expression of emotion was frowned upon within the household. As a result of this, I never really learnt the skills I needed to properly deal with my emotions. As I got older, I started to drink more and more in order to deal with my feelings of sadness and rage. My friend became worried about me and suggested that I visit a counsellor. It was one the best things I ever did. Talking with someone I trust has really helped me to open up and explore my feelings.